TRX Exercises: 5 That Are Ultra Effective

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TRX Exercises

When I first heard about the TRX® Suspension straps 8 years ago, I was a little hesitant to buy into them since this industry is filled with all types of exercise gadgets to tone, trim, build, and shred that are a complete waste of money. The TRX Suspension system is the outlier. I quickly realized that you couldn’t buy a better piece of exercise equipment for $200! There are literally hundreds of exercises that can be done with the straps; below are 5 TRX exercises I think can benefit anyone from bodybuilders to Crossfitters.


Note: You can add these into your current program, or use this as a full body circuit.

Exercise #1 TRX Row

The TRX Row is hands down my favorite TRX exercises. This was the first exercise that I implemented in my client’s programs, and it has been a staple ever since. The TRX Row beats any other piece of expensive rowing piece of equipment out there. The TRX Row is very shoulder friendly and can be used by anyone by either walking backward to decrease your intensity, or you can elevate your feet on a box to make it harder.

Exercise #2 TRX I, Y, T, Raise

This is a great TRX pull variation that will hit the rear delts, rhomboids, upper, mid and lower trapezius muscles. These exercises can help improve posture, shoulder health, and also a build overall posterior.

Exercise #3 TRX Knee Tuck

The TRX knee tuck targets balance, stability, and core strength. It is a challenging core and abdominal exercise that also requires good upper body strength. By pulling the knees towards your body the hip flexors are heavily involved.

Exercise #4 TRX Hamstring Curl

This has become my favorite exercise to strengthen the hamstrings and posterior core. The pendulum effect of the TRX allows an almost unlimited scale of progression. You will feel the burn with this one!

Exercise #5 TRX Kneeling and Standing Rollout

Everyone wants a strong core, and rollouts are the best way to get them. You will feel your abs from the top to the bottom. The kneeling rollout can be progressed to the standing position and the movement becomes a total body core exercise.

The TRX Suspension straps are a scalable tool for anyone to use not only in the gym but they are also a great piece of equipment to invest in for home use.  Fill in the gaps of your training with weights with these TRX exercises.