The Best Workout Programs by Category

(Last Updated On: March 31, 2021)

We have compiled our list of the best training programs in everything from fitness model programs to football to ab training to MMA to building a better butt and much more. If these programs don’t work for you then nothing will!

The bad news is these programs cost money, the good news is they are all top of the line, detailed programs designed by some of the most reputable names in the fitness industry. These aren’t just some crappy programs from Joe Schmo. These are the real deal. We promise they will not disappoint.

Increase Athleticism

Ultimate Athleticismbe a better athlete

This program from Max Shank is geared to increase strength, flexibility, and movement to make you into a better athlete. Max does things outside the box and will have you doing things you have never done before to have your body working better than ever.
Price $47 Click Here!


Muscle Building Program

HFT2: Build 2wice The MuscleRock Baytops

This program designed by Chad Waterbury will help you build muscle fast. The program comes with a 131-page training manual, 38 instructional videos, and training logs. Chad Waterbury is also a very well respected name in the fitness community who most certainly knows what he is talking about and can get results.
Price $59.00 Click here!


Fitness Model Programs

Bigger Better Faster Now By Justin WolteringJustin Woltering

Justin’s program will have you building muscle and shredding fat faster than you ever thought possible. The program includes a years worth of workout programs, spreadsheets for meals and workouts, videos, and articles where he will tell you everything he knows and how he got the body to be on magazine cover after cover. He also covers photo shoots and what supplements to take and which ones are garbage. If you buy this and don’t get in amazing shape you can only blame yourself.
Price – $47.00    Click Here!


Fitness Model Workout

The Official Fitness Model Program By Jennifer Nicole Lee

Jennifer Nicole Lee is a celebrity fitness trainer who is a 39-year-old mother of 2 and her body is AMAZING! If there is someone who knows what it takes to get an amazing body she would be it. She was even featured on Oprah Winfrey! Her in depth 12-week program includes workouts, meal plans, 2 books, audio downloads and more.
Price – Basic Program $99.95   Deluxe Program – $129.95     Click Here!


Program for Abs

Abs: The Secret Revealed – By Lazer AngolovHow to get abs

Lazar Angelov Is One Of The World’s Most Famous Fitness Models, considered to Have The Best Abs In The World. His e-book gives all his techniques from exercises to workouts to diet to help you get the chiseled abs you have always wanted. The price is easy on the wallet too.
Price $29.99  
Click Here!


Program for a Better ButtIMG_0496-e1362413819604

Booty Beatdown – By Ryan Watson Fitness

The Booty Beatdown Glute Training Program Is A Cutting Edge New Workout Program That Reveals The Secrets Behind Achieving That To-die-for Behind. Features over 50 glute exercises, booty builder and booty shredder programs and cardio to keep your booty in shape. This program is sure to have your booty turning heads.
Price $47  Click Here!


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Programs to Get RippedDave Dreas

10 Weeks 2 Ripped

Designed by fitness models Dave Dreas and Jeremy Scott this program gives you everything it takes and more to shed pounds and get ripped fast. The program comes with a 10-week training manual, training templates, a nutrition guide, grocery store guide and 10-week HIIT guide as well as a complete strength training video library and more. If you want to get ripped the diet and cardio (HIIT) are the most important and these guys have those bases more than covered. This is an excellent Program.
Price $47 Click here!



Programs For Sports

Ultimate Strength & ConditioningStrength Training

This program was developed by Jim Kielbaso and his team of Strength and Conditioning coaches that work with professional athletes and top college athletes from all sports. The program includes strength training, speed training, agility training, conditioning, plyometrics, videos, dozens of done-for-you strength and conditioning programs and it is constantly updated with content from industry pros. If you are looking to take it to the next level in your sport or if you play multiple sports then this is the program for you.
Price varies from $1 to $99 depending on the level of membership. Click Here!


 Maximum Football TrainingFootball training program

This is another program from Jim Kielbaso and his team designed specifically for football. This is a comprehensive, year-round training program endorsed by top strength coach and NFL players. The program features a year-round strength program, summer speed and conditioning program, in-season program, concussion and neck info, instructional videos and way more. If you are a coach wanting the best program for your team or a player wanting the best program to make you as good as you can be.
Price $99.00 Click Here!


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MMA Quickstart : The Ultimate MMA

 Training Program For The Beginners!Michael "No Mercy" Serrano

One-of-a-kind Beginner MMA Training Program Created By UFC Veteran (fighter & Coach) Jeff Joslin. More Than 100 Videos, Follow Along Audio Files And More. The program will help you track your progress, excel at shadow fighting,  master jumping rope, how to safely move and work on the ground, access to huge video library and more. For those looking to get started in MMA training, this is the program for you.
Price $67 
Click Here!


Ultimate Wrestling StrengthRamico Blackmon

This program will get you in the best wrestling shape possible. The program comes with a strength and conditioning manual, nutrition manual, 6-minute conditioning for wrestlers manual and videos,  weight cutting manual, interview with Olympic wrestlers and more. This one is sure to make you a beast on the mat this season.
Price $57.00 Click Here!


Ultimate Speed DevelopmentSpeed training

This is the most complete speed training system available. It was developed by Jim Kielbaso who works with athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Olympics as well as collegiate, high school and youth athletes at every level of competition and in every sport imaginable. He has even been contracted by major colleges and NFL teams to consult on speed training. The video based program covers sprint mechanics, agility mechanics, combine training, Live-event of clinic video of Jim talking about training for speed. This system is sure to have you 2 steps faster and jumping higher than anyone next season.
Price $39.00 Click Here!


Instant Offense Basketball TrainingSteffi Sorenson

This Is A Basketball Training product with over 45 drills that focuses on improving a players shooting, finishing, & Ball Handling. This program designed by Augie Johnston will help you become a consistently deadly shooter from deep, off the dribble, and you are going to be able to create your own shot like never before.
Price $77.00 Click Here!


50 Inch Vertical – Secrets To Jumping Higher – BasketballGet a better verticle

If you want to get a huge vertical but aren’t sure what to do other than just doing sets of jumps then this is the program for you. It teaches the right technique and exercises that will take your verticle to new heights.
Price $45.74 Click Here!



Baseball Swing MasteryBaseball Training

Video Based Step-by-step Instruction Of The Baseball Swing That Gets Real Results In Hitting For A Higher Average And With More Power. Videos cover mechanics, hitting to the opposite field, mental approach and more. These videos will have you hitting for a better average and with more bombs in just weeks.
Price $47 Click Here!


Building The Perfect PitcherBaseball pitcher program

This program is the most comprehensive pitcher Specific program on or offline.  Scientifically documented methodology used to take high school pitchers and develop them into pros. A complete assessment which dictates each athletes training program which lasts a year. This program will make your stuff straight up nasty!
Price $199.00 Click Here!



Rugby Training ProgramsRugby Training

This Rugby training program designed by Jeremy Hickmans is designed to maximize your performance. It is a combination of gym and field based training sessions. The training is in 4 week training blocks that include rugby specific weight training, fitness & conditioning, as well as agility and recovery sessions. It features over 2o unique training sessions and hundreds of exercises.
Price: Packages start at $10.00 Click Here



Total Soccer Fitnesscristiano-ronaldo

Total Soccer Fitness is a complete program to get you ready to dominate the field. The program includes aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, strength training, speed and agility training, flexibility, soccer drills, speed drills, nutrition, and even mental training to help give you the edge.
Price $37.oo Click Here!


Strength And Power for VolleyballErin Simmons

This program is developed by volleyball player and strength and conditioning coach Dennis Jackson.  The program specializes in strength, quickness , jumping higher for better spikes, athleticism, increase serves for power, first step quickness for defense, stronger spikes and way more. If there is one program that can take your game higher this would be it.
Price $27.00 Click Here!


The Power Golf Fitness SystemGolf training program

Hit golf balls into the stratosphere with this system. Over 100+ pages packed with golf-specific exercises and tools. Step by step videos so you can  watch each of  system stretches, mobility drills and exercises. You won’t have to guess by just looking at photos and reading descriptions. Just watch and match my movements. Super easy. Blow your friends minds while you blow the off the course!
Price $57.00 Click Here!


Other Worthy Programs

The Venus Factor  – Complete Fat Loss System

Athletic Body Workout Program 

Kettlebell Burn Inner Circle

Ripped Out – Guaranteed To Get You Ripped!

Anabolic Cooking – Muscle Building Cookbook

Full Throttle Fat Loss

World’s Hardest Exercises


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