Take a Peek Inside the Life of a Crossfitter

In the fitness arena, some gladiators seem to be committed to the path of constant physical suffering, carrying their burden like it is some sort of blessing. Dubbed crossfitters, these people talk about pistols, poods, chippers and thrusters like these things mean the world to them. Others struggle to decipher the words that these peculiar warriors utter, but also tend to get curious about them. Well, you have just been invited to witness what it is like to be fit as a fiddle and cross the borders of fear and doubt.

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Know thy strength

Crossfitters are proud of their daily routines, healthy nutrition, and prime physical condition. According to them, crossfit is unparalleled in terms of reaching peak performance and maximizing form. These daredevils pay close attention to detail, and take a holistic approach to training. They take advantage of purchasing quality gym wear online, get plenty of sleep, plan their steps in advance and employ a diet packed with nutrients.

The truth is that the benefits of crossfit are obvious, albeit not easy to measure. This does not pose a problem for those who seek to find the truth through experience and everyday practice. Only from that perspective is it possible to reach any kind of verdict. Of course, there are many success stories floating around, and examples of people who have managed to turn their life around.

Crossfit has helped numerous individuals steer clear of substance abuse, health issues, emotional burnout and other problems. But, this was not merely a moment of revelation, but the result of hard work and a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears. If you want to achieve such mental strength, you first have to do away with weakness, and endorse self-discipline and humility.

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The warrior within

The so often mentioned workout of the day (WOD) is a term encompassing everything a coach does to put you through hell on a certain day. It is small wonder that crossfit seems intimidating to newcomers, but those who give it a chance do quickly grow fond of it (the masochists!). Think of it as a leap of fate, a daring move which allows you to gradually embrace the fearless fighter and athlete within.

Crossfitters are used to completing circuits as many times as possible in a certain time frame. Their underlining philosophy might confuse some people. Namely, crossfitters believe that once you push your body to the limit, you are only at 40% of your capabilities, and still have the majority of the road to greatness to cover. If you ask me, disregard the science, and focus on the empowering, motivational effect this notion has.

So, when the body begs for mercy, the crossfitter gives it none. This is not just a matter of determination and willpower, but also brain adaptations. After a long period of trials and tribulations, it is much easier to stop the internal voices begging you to throw in the towel. Here, it is obvious that crossfit is much more than a workout program. It is a practice which shapes morals, educates an individual and prepares for life challenges yet to come. Persistence and self-reliance are among the most prominent virtues one learns on this long, utterly-rewarding journey.

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No pain, no gain

Accomplished crossfitters argue that some of the most important lessons can be learned in the gym. They look the great menaces of our life in the eye and do not blink. But, you do not have to be a ripped beast in order to take on CrossFit. Whether you want to release your worries, melt the stress away, get a sculpted body or become as healthy as a horse, this discipline has got you covered. The choice is simple: you can either step up or ship out. So, which will it be?


About the author:

Mathews McGarry is passionate about many forms of strength training, and spent years lifting, dragging and flipping all manner of heavy objects. After graduating from the Faculty of Health Sciences, he started writing about his experiences, and sharing tips for better life. Check out his website ripped.me and follow him on Twitter.