Spartan Race Training: The Crixus Workout

(Last Updated On: August 31, 2017)

If you missed our first article on Spartan Race Training you can find it here. This article with the Crixus Workout is our second installment.

This weeks workout:


Named after a former gladiator champion this workout is designed to check your lactic acid threshold. After doing it a few times we should be able to push the threshold, which relates to more efficient functioning muscles. Do this no more than twice a week with at least 2 days between of recovery.

Begin withmud race

1,5 mile run,

Amrap =as many reps as possible

Amrap for each exercise as you can in a minute

3 rounds:

Pullups 1 min

Body squats 1 min

Pushups 1 min

Do 3 rounds:

Bear complex – Ladies 65lbs, Gentlemen 95lbs
1 round of the Bear complex lasts, 1 min 30 seconds with 30 second break

1 mile run

Remember try to run outside ,ditch the treadmill.

By Wayne Mutata C.P.P.S
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