Spartan Race Training: Sparta Workout

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2018)

This is a home workout, it is appropriately named Sparta, home to all Spartans. Try to take as little rest as possible, no more than 45 seconds between exercises.


25 Push-ups

25 Dead Burpees – Arms and legs up and out at the bottom, only the belly on the floor as seen below.
Dead Burpee
50 mountain climbers

20 Burpees

50 Mountain climbers

Hold the starting point of a push up for 1 min, so keep arms extended and hold.

15  Burpees

25 Inchworms with a push-up

Inchworm shown in video below, add a push up in with each inchworm.
[youtube width=”213″ height=”167″][/youtube]

50 Pushups, each time you come up tap your shoulder alternating sides.

If you’re a warrior, take a 3 min break and do the workout backward, from 50 pushups to 25 pushups. For those that want to be gladiators take a 2 min break . Spartans will take 1min 30 seconds or less, which are you? Man or Spartan?

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