MP45 – The Best Gym Workout


MP45 is the best gym workout & nutrition program geared towards getting people into top shape in only 45 days. The program is built off the foundation of H.I.S.T., known as High Intensity Stimulation Training. This type of training uses the training of elite athletes and powerlifters to build muscle, burn fat and increase athleticism in the fastest time possible.


If you ever compare marathon runners to sprinters, you will see a major difference in their physiques. While marathon runners are mainly skinny with a lack of muscle, sprinters are extremely muscular with very little body fat. This is because of the way each athlete trains. A marathon runner works the slow-twitch muscle fibers, which are mainly used for endurance purposes. Sprinters work their fast-twitch muscle fibers through short bursts of strength and speed. Working the fast-twitch muscle fibers can build more lean muscle and burn more fat than working the slow-twitch muscle fibers. This explains why a marathon runner doesn’t look like a sprinter.

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A huge basis of MP45 focuses on training like a sprinter so you can achieve that super lean and muscular look. However, sprinters aren’t the strongest type of athletes because they don’t lift weights and/or do specific exercises at the right times needed to build the most strength possible. As a result, MP45 teaches you to train like a powerlifter, which are the type of athletes with the most strength. In other words, you will do the type of training that sprinters do to look super lean AND the type of training that powerlifters do to build the most strength. Therefore, MP45 is a program that will get you looking better and stronger than ever.


In terms of the nutritional regimen of MP45, the program details the right types of foods to eat every 2-3 hours of the day to ensure your body is getting the best nutrients at the best times. MP45 really stresses the importance of nutrition as a dominant factor in how you look and provides a clear outline on how to approach your dieting and meal plan habits.

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MP45 outlines the foundational principles of H.I.S.T. and specific meal plans to rely on. MP45 is a gradual progressive approach meaning the program starts off with easier workouts. As the program continues, you get more advanced workouts that pack on the most muscle and burn the most fat.

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