Miranda Oldroyd and Dana Linn Bailey Do CrossFit WOD – 3 Bars of Death (Linda)


Miranda Oldroyd

Two legends in their own time got together to tackle a beast of a WOD and got it all on film. CrossFitter Miranda Oldroyd and bodybuilder Dana Linn Bailey teamed up to tackle a badass workout called 3 Bars of Death, also known as the WOD Linda. They did it as a partner WOD:

  • 20,18,16,14,12,10,8,6,4,2 Reps For Time (Partner WOD)
  • Deadlift (1.5  x Bodyweight)
  • Bench Press (Bodyweight)
  • Clean (3/4 x Bodyweight)

Rob Bailey and his brother join them for the fun but have to bail out due to injury. Dana and Miranda know this bad boy out like champs though. Check it out in the video below.