He weighs 154 lbs and benches 410 lbs, FOR REAL!

(Last Updated On: February 1, 2016)

benches 410Most of you have probably seen those silly ads on the internet that say something like “He weighs 150 and benches 400, he’s putting gyms out of business!” or “Trainers hate him” or something about some “New breakthrough from Cambridge University”. Those are all a bunch of bullcrap, they are trying to sell you some supplement or some other BS.

The guy below, however is the real deal. He checks in a 154 lbs and is benching much more than twice his bodyweight the entire workout. The interesting thing is you would think if he weighed 154 lbs and could lift that much he is probably some 4’9″ fireplug type with stumpy arms and a puny range of motion¬†be he isn’t one of those either. He is just a really strong dude with some great genetics.

Weighing that much I would be impressed if he benched 300 lbs, but he does much more than that and most of it with a pause at the bottom, he tops out at an impressive 410 lbs. I don’t think he is putting gyms out of business or that any trainers hate him though, he is just a strong dude. Props to you strong dude.