Fat Burners That Burn Belly Fat for Women

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2017)

Is there anything better than being ‘that’ girl? The one with the rocking body that guys just can’t keep their eyes off; tight waist, toned figure and an attitude that takes as much crap as her diet.

Fat burner for women

It’s a massive confidence booster – but getting there can be a whole other story.

You’ve been trying to lose weight for a while, but sometimes it just feels impossible. Stubborn pieces of fat on your stomach and arms just don’t seem to be taking the hint.

Not a great feeling, but don’t worry it isn’t your fault; sometimes genetics are a bitch – but there’s a way to even the odds, one secret weapon that’s perfect for the job: Natural Fat Burners.

Fat burners are the clinically-proven and natural way to:

  • Tone up your torso – Obtain that tight firm figure other girls envy
  • Improve workouts – Increased energy and metabolism
  • Look better at the beach– Have an all over smoother, bikini body
  • Keep on that diet – Cut down on snacking and eat clean

We’ve been lookingáat the best brands out there, making sure they have what it takes to get you toáthe next level. As long as your keep up your diet and exercise, these puppies’ll do the rest.


Why are they so great?

Modern day fat burners are filled with many ingredients that help accomplish three things in your body:

Thermogenesis– Possibly the best fat burning process. Thermogenics increase your core temperature to higher than its usual levels. To regulate ourselves, our body burns calories to cool down – which allows us to burn fat with no extra effort!

Increase energy and metabolism– The best way to stay motivated when your diet’s against you. Natural stimulants in these supplements provide you with the energy you need to work out when faced with a low calorie diet.

Suppresses Appetite– If you catch yourself snacking between meals then this one’s for you. Many modern day fat burners contain a range of fibrous compounds that swell up in your stomach making you feel more full and more on track with your diet.

As you can see, these supplements kick the crap out of your regular diet pills! However, only the best provide these kinds ofágreat benefits – we’ll talk more about that later.


Why Fat Burners beat Diet Pills

There are two main reasons fat burners are better than diet pills:


As we’ve covered, fat burners serve not one, but three functions in the body. Whereas the over the counter diet pills can just about manage one, usually as a thermogenic or an energy booster.

This is because diet pills are not aimed at us girls who already exercise, and in doing so, believe they can take advantage of a customer who’s ignorant on the subject looking to lose weight by using inefficient ingredients and clever marketing.

Whereas fat burners work in conjunction with your healthy diet and exercise, shredding you down to that sculpted, feminine physique that you can only find on a fitness chick.

Servings & Ingredients

Unlike diet pills, great fat burners require multiple servings per day. This is because research shows that 3 – 4 daily doses is the best way to ensure round the clock thermogenesis. It also helps keeping energy levels stable and avoids crashes that may occur later in the day.

The ingredients are also important, with the best burners using only clinically-proven ingredients for fat loss, complete with a money back guarantee supporting their confidence in the supplement.

The best ingredients currently on the market are:

Green Tea – Boosts thermogenesis, energy and metabolism
Cayenne Pepper – Increases thermogenesis
Caffeine Anhydrous – Raises energy and metabolism
Green Coffee Bean – Decaffeinated thermogenic
Glucomannan– Appetite suppressant, rich in fiber

Whereas the worst include:

Garcinia Cambogia – Not proven to suppress appetite
Yohimbine –
Can cause side effects in high amounts
Synephrine/Bitter Orange Extract –
Side effects when mixed with caffeine

Also watch out for proprietary blends.

These are the combination of nutrients passed off as one single ingredient. It happens a lot in the supplement industry and is killing the transparency between brand and customer. It’s a real problem because we’re unable to work out how much of each nutrient makes up a supplement, and by extension, how useful it is.

Before you get a supplement make sure you always look at the facts and make sure you know exactly how much of each you’re getting and how that fits in with your weight loss goals.


Top 3 Fat Burners The Burn Belly Fat for Women

As you can tell we’ve already done the research, and finding the fat burners that matched up to our findings was no easy task. However, determined to get the best supplement for your (and our!) benefit we finally have our answer.

If you’re looking to tone up, tighten up and look great all round, this is what you need:


1. Instant Knockout

Best Fat burner for women

Originally formulated for MMA fighters who want to cut body fat quickly, Instant Knockout has been shown to:

  • Tighten up your torso – Produce a slim solidáwaist
  • Give crazy curves– Tone up your arms, ass and legs
  • Sort out your diet – Reduces the need for snacks and ‘cheat’ foods
  • Motivate your workout– More energy to put the work in

We know, it looks like it’s for guys – but this supplement will do just as good for you as it is for any man out there. We’ve tried it ourselves and see it as ‘the’ product for anyone who wants to look fit, strong and sexy.

The company itself even go into detail on their website about how it can be just as effective for women: www.instantknockout.com/for-women


Why this one?

As Instant Knockout is actually used by MMA fighters, there can’t just be marketing bull – it needs to work. And work it does.

What really impressed us about this supplement is the amount of proven ingredients it contains, which allow it tick every box we’re interested in (burning fat, suppressing appetite, and boosting both energy and metabolism).

Here are some of the main ones that grabbed us:

  • Green Tea
  • Green Coffee Bean
  • Glucomannan
  • Caffeine
  • Cayenne Pepper

It contains no proprietary blends and each nutrient is supplied in generous amounts.

You can actually learn a lot more about these ingredients over on their website: www.instantknockout.com/ingredients

The servings are fabulous too, with 4 daily servings that make sure the good stuff happens round the clock, helping you shed the pounds quicker.


Are there any side effects?

As this supplement has made all the right moves for ingredients, the only thing you have to worry about is taking it too close to bedtime.

This is down to the caffeine in the supplement, it gives you extra energy in the day, but isn’t as useful in the night.

Aside from the extra energy there are no other side effects associated with Instant Knockout – all the ingredients are natural and produced in GMP approved facilities both in the UK and USA.


Anything else I should know?

The capsules are gelatin, so if you’re vegetarian we suggest pouring them out into a drink.


How are other girls finding it?

Damn good. We’ve done some digging on both the Instant Knockout website and the rest of the internet and we’ve come across a few girls that have really made a difference using this supp.

Just check out Melissa from Britain:

Fat Burner results


And then we saw the slim-waist physique of this other girl we found on Instagram:




It’s a great addition to any girl’s diet and workout who wants to cut down and get closer to that seriously sexy look of a die-hard fitness chick.

The ingredients and servings have been well balanced and scheduled to make sure you lose the most fat in the quickest amount of time. It also comes complete with a 90 day guarantee if you get the 3 month supply (which also includes a FREE fourth box and T-Shirt!).

It’s a thermogenic, appetite suppressant that also raises your energy and metabolism. It is completely natural and contains no dangerous side effects or nasty synthetic ingredients, so you can cut weight safely and quickly.

It ticks all our boxes and is just what you need to get into stunning shape.

Website: www.instantknockout.com

2. Cellucor Super HD



Another unisex supplement that provides results for both genders. Cellucor is a well-known brand name that a lot of people recognize, they’re pretty reliable.

HD can help cut fat in the following ways:

  • Promotes thermogenesis
  • Improves focus and cognition
  • Helps raise energy and metabolism

Although the second feature isn’t essential to fat burning we thought it was a nice touch.


Why this one?

This is another established supplement that meets our needs for clinically proven ingredients.

The ones we liked for weight loss included:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Green Tea
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Caffeine Anhydrous

They’re all perfect for losing the pounds, and given Cellucor’s reputation you can expect them coming from quality sources.

However, not all of the additions to Super HD were as good.


Are there any side effects?

Possibly. This is a product that contains proprietary blends which makes it hard for us to know for certain. We do know however that it contains Yohimbe which can cause anxiety and gastrointestinal distress when used in high doses.


Anything else I should know?

Yes, like Shredz this is another supplement that needs to work on its servings. HD recommends 2 daily servings of 1 capsule, which should gradually up adds another capsule to the first serving after tolerance builds.

This isn’t the best serving schedule out there and simply reducing the dosage snd spreading it out over 3 – 4 servings would make a lot of difference to the product’s effectiveness. But whether Cellucor will eventually do this is another story.



Overall Super HD has a great foundation for us to lose weight with, however, we can’t help think that more can be done to ensure it delivers those healthy curves that we’re craving.

That said, it contains a lot of proven ingredients for fat loss, that perform thermogenesis while enhancing energy levels and metabolism.

The servings aren’t the best, but if another capsule is added after a tolerance is built up, it’ll perform better than most of it’s competition on the market.

Website: www.cellucor.com


3. SHREDZ Burner Made For Women


A specially made female supplement from Shredz that’s made for us to shred up. With a big reputation and a long list of ingredients this product claims to:

  • Thermogenically burn fat
  • Improve energy and metabolism

There’s definitely some benefits to taking it, however there’s a reason it doesn’t outshine our #1 slot.


Why this one?

For us it was the ingredients. Finding some of the more effective nutrients in female fat burners can be hard work. Luckily ‘Made For Women’ had quite a few of what we were looking for to get some real results.

Here are the ones we liked most:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Green Tea
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • Cayenne Pepper

These are all proven ingredients that can help weight loss and get you closer to your ideal physique, however we did have a few concerns.


Are there any side effects?

Potentially. Unfortunately this product contains some of the ingredients we mentioned earlier that have been linked to side effects (Synephrine and Yohimbine) which can give you anxiety, headaches and raised blood pressure.

In addition, all of these ingredients make up part of a proprietary blend, making it hard to gauge how effective – or risky supplementing it may be.


Anything else I should know?

The serving schedule for Shredz isn’t that great either. With only 2 daily servings, it doesn’t guarantee constant thermogenesis or fully prevent the risk of any energy crashes that may occur later in the day.



Shredz may not be our top choice, but it has a few redeeming features that make it a worthy fat burner. It uses a collection of the right ingredients and is made especially for us girls.

That said it is made up of a proprietary blend, and some of the ingredients may lead to side effects if they’re not dosed properly. The servings could do with some work too, as 2 per day may be convenient, but not enough to make quick enough changes.

Website: www.shredz.com


Overall Conclusion

These are three biggest and best supplements for us ladies when it comes to burning belly fat, with the outright winner being Instant Knockout.

Although all three have proven ingredients that definitely deliver, it’s Instant Knockout has the most in both volume and variation. It also has the best serving schedule of 4 daily doses, ensuring that all three of the key slimming processes are constantly taking place throughout the body.

It may look like a supplement aimed at guys, but once you look past the bravado of the fist-shaped bottle, what we actually have is on the most effective slimming successes on the market that works for both genders.

It is made of all natural ingredients and is the safest way to get in shape quickly.

If you’re working hard and not seeing the results that you want, a good fat burner is your best option of achieving that fit physique that both feels good, and looks good.