Famous Female Athletes Who Broke the Mold

People have always loved champions, and this is especially true towards athletes. We live vicariously through their victories, and when they’ve creamed their opponents, it makes going to the old 9 to 5 the next day all the more palatable. It’s like a little bit of justice just got served, and there is, on some minuscule scale, a sense of balance in the universe for mankind. Let’s face it, though – the boys have pretty much always dominated sports in size and number, and the major athletic interest is primarily male-centric. That’s cool… But in the the last decade, there have been some amazing game-changing female athletes that are tearing apart gender trends and gaining the glory and recognition they deserve. Their performance and skills are stunning and wowing everyone, and more importantly, they are inspiring a new generation of female competitors to raise the bar and bring an even bigger game.


female athletes

About the Authors

Shaun White and Sacha Kohler write fitness articles for multiple websites. This infographic was created for Rebundersrock.com. Shaun enjoys lifting weights and has been in several martial arts since childhood. Sacha has a background in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is presently in ballet.