Diego Sanchez’s Secret to Shredding 45lbs Quickly

(Last Updated On: September 28, 2019)

2015 marks a full decade since MMA superstar Diego Sanchez was crowned the original Ultimate Fighter of the middleweight division.

But a lot has changed over these last 10 years.

He’s been in ‘Fight of the Year’ and ‘Fight of the Night’ more times than any other competitor in MMA history; awarded King of the Cage for the Welterweight division, and is notorious for powering through incredible injuries. There’s no question that ‘The Dream’ can really take a beating and still come back to face any challenge.

However, this year it’s taken far longer than usual.

Shortly after his victory against Ross Pearson last summer, Sanchez was injured from a broken collarbone during training. The damage was substantial – and Diego hasn’t been in the ring since.

Recovery hasn’t been easy – but Sanchez has taken it to the next level! Using the time off as an opportunity to redevelop himself – Diego has been shredding down from 190lbs to 145lbs… and he’s almost there.

Diego Sanchez

In a recent MMA Road Show Podcast, Diego announced that he’d already lost 20lbs before even stepping into the gym. He updated UFC Rumors of his progress a few weeks ago and when we could expect his return


Sanchez attributes his rapid weight loss to the fat-burning formula from Instant Knockout:



Taking it every day, Diego claims the product to have the following effects:

  • Create Thermogenesis – Increase overall calories burned
  • Boost Energy Levels – Lower fatigue brought on by low caloric intake
  • Suppress Appetite – Reduce cravings and increase ‘fullness feeling’


Instant Knockout is a known fat burner among MMA stars. The fat burner was formulated solely for fighters. It is the only brand catered to helping athlete’s meet weight categories using completely natural and contest legal nutrients. This appealed to Diego, his goal apparently seem far less realistic without it. Instant Knockout also won the ‘Best Fat Burner for Men’ in our supplement review earlier this year – we evaluated it to be the most effective fat burner on the market. 

Read more about Instant Knockout on their website: www.InstantKnockout.com

Now on the mend, Diego has upped the stakes and lowered his weight. Setting his sights on a new challenge for his new weight class: Tatsuya Kawajiri – The Samurai and Veteran Featherweight fighter. Unfortunately, Kawajiri was not that impressed – Diego’s time off and current ranking wouldn’t do much for Kawajiri’s career. This sparked a serious exchange between the two fighters:




It seemed clear that Diego couldn’t convince ‘The Samurai’ in any way to go ahead with the fight. Until Sanchez began a full-frontal assault on the Japanese fighter’s pride:


This tweet seemed like it was the final blow in the ‘smack talk’ between the two, however, 24 hours later, Kawajiri had this to say:



Which Sanchez met with:


You can’t get much stronger confirmation than that – the next news to expect is a time and a date. But just how do these fighters stack up against one another?

Two talented and experienced fighters – It could be anyone’s game. Some would argue the advantage currently resides with Tatsuya.  With a record of 34-8-2 and having been in the featherweight category a while, Kawajiri seems to have the home advantage. But the Samurai’s main drawback is his age. This makes all the difference, considering he has been flirting with retirement for the last few years now. He’s definitely not at his best.

Sanchez, on the other hand, is rapidly losing weight and has been out of action for over a year. The experience of fighting in a new, lower weight category could be just what he needs to get back in the saddle. Sanchez has always shown complete and utter determination in every fight. He’s faced a lot of injuries and challenges throughout his career, and he’s pulled through every time – who says he can’t do it again?

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