Burn Fat and Get Ripped With This HIIT Workout

(Last Updated On: June 15, 2019)

Many people tend to believe that cardio is the most effective way to shed fat: running, jogging, swimming. But you may be surprised that many personal trainers may beg to differ. The new kid on the block – High-intensity interval training (HIIT) – is a form of exercise that’s rocking the fitness world hard. Using an exercise routine that alternates between hard, short periods of anaerobic exercise and timed rest periods, HIIT workouts are designed to shed fat and get your body looking ripped, fast. And that’s why I recommend them for my fitness photoshoot clients. If you’re wanting that toned, ripped, model look, then maybe a HIIT workout is just what the doctor ordered.


HIIT Training


The Principles of a HIIT Workout

HIIT can be stressful on the body, and it’s important to push yourself but not over do it. Therefore, a good guide for your HIIT workout is to:

  1.     Start your workout with two to three minutes of warm-up followed by five minutes of stretching.
  2.     Do 10 to 30 minutes of HIIT.
  3.     Do two to three minutes of cool down followed by five minutes of stretching.

HIIT can be practiced both in and out of a gym. If you’re exercising on a machine, it’s important to choose a resistance that allows you to control your speed, as you want to be able to achieve a sprint-like pace.


Common HIIT Exercises You Can Use

Ditch the traditional cardio exercises and replace them with high knees, fast feet, or an exercise that will get your heart rate up, fast. The main objective of HIIT, and why it’s so effective at burning fat, is to get your heart rate pumping! So kick the boring cardio session and try including the following exercises into your workout regime:

  • Sprints: Outside is better, but if you must use a machine, a treadmill is best. Alternate between one-minute jogging and half a minute sprinting. Do this for fifteen minutes.
  • Jumping Jacks: A great way to engage many muscle groups and get your heart rate pumping. Stand straight, with your arms to your sides and feet apart. Then, jump with your feet out to your side while your arms go above your head. Do five sets of 2 minutes, or the time of three of your favorite songs.
  • Jump Squats: Incredibly effective way to build muscle. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Move into a regular squat, engaging your core and jump up explosively. Be sure to land with body back into the squat position. Thirty of these will have your quads burning.

Jacked Sprinter


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The HIIT Workout That Gets Results

Get ripped and burn fat with this epic 20 minute HIIT workout. Each exercise is performed for 30-60 seconds, with a 30 second rest period in between. Start with a warm-up like skipping, stationary bike, or walking machine for 10 minutes.


1 Jump Lunge

Duration: 1 min.

Recovery: 1 min. of jump roping


2 Box Jumps (Box should reach knee height)

Duration: 1 min.

Recovery: 1 min. of jump roping


3 Dumbbell Renegade Row with Pushups

Duration: 1 min.

Recovery: 1 min. of jump roping

Description: Starting in pushup position, row one dumbbell. Return to pushup position. Row the other dumbbell. Return to pushup position. Do a pushup. That’s one rep.


4 Dumbbell Power Jerk

Duration: 1 min.

Recovery: 1 min. of jump roping

Description: Perform a quarter squat with dumbbells at shoulder level then press both dumbbells over your head. Return to start.


5 Dumbbell Uppercuts

Duration: 1 min.

Recovery: 1 min. of jump roping

Description: Perform a squat while holding the dumbbells at your side. Punch up and across your body with one arm. Repeat with other arm.

HIIT Workout


HIIT Your Target, Fast

Amazing body transformation results are achievable for less than you might think – and we’re not talking about money. HIIT workouts are taking the world by storm, offering you the ability to raise your level of fitness to peak-performance level, without the need for expensive gym memberships or hours on the running track. Whether you’re leaning up in preparation for a fitness photoshoot, looking to lose a few pounds extra, or simply after some variation in your workouts, try a high intensity interval training workout to shake things up.