Best Home Gyms For Weightlifters

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2017)

Home gyms have many advantages over a commercial gym. You can lift how you want, dress how you want, workout whenever you want to, no waiting for equipment and you can crank your own tunes and no one will complain, except maybe your significant other. The only thing you need for a good home gym is available space in your home or garage and you are golden.

Types of Home Gyms

There are lots of different types of home gyms out there from power racks to body weight to single stack to multi-station. For us we prefer the power rack style gym as they give you more of a true weightlifting experience than a machine does. However there are some pretty nice machines out there as well. Being that this article is about the best there is for your dream home gym we only picked the best of the best.

Here are the best home gyms for weightlifters:

1. Rogue W-4 Garage Gym


This bad boy is the cream of the home gym crop. Whether you love CrossFit, Olympic lifting or basically any kind of free weight lifting the Garage Gym from Rogue is what you are looking for. The Garage Gym has you covered on everything from Olympic lifts to bench press to squat to chins to just about anything else you can do with a barbell and a rack. The rack is nice and heavy duty so you don’t have to worry about it shifting or collapsing while squatting heavy loads or doing pulls ups.  It also features gymnastic rings for dips, jerk boxes, plate storage and more. The nice part is you can buy it all at once or piece by piece. You can also just buy whichever items you feel you need and skip the rest. Rogue has just about every type of free weight equipment you would ever want and you can mix and match however you see fit. Overall if you are looking for a high quality home gym that is strong and durable and gives you the ability to hit the weights like the beast that you are then this is the Garage Gym is for you.


  • Heavy duty build to withstand punishment and not even blink.
  • Can be bought piece by piece to help the budget.
  • American made. Let’s face it, sometimes things made overseas are lower quality
  • Same day shipping gets it to you fast.
  • Buy a rig and shipping is free.


  • Takes up space. Not everyone has the space available in their garage or even the basement to accommodate this beast.

For more information on the Rogue Garage Gym follow this link – Economy Equipment Packages


2. Full Metal Industries – Garage Gym

Best Home Gym

Full Metal Industries offers some amazing and solid products that we really like. Their Garage Gym is another one of those products. It is made to be used in the garage so you will need the room to have it but it is worth it, it can also be used inside your house if you have room too since it is custom made. This bad boy allows you to train in almost any way you would want to. It has the power rack for all your squating, benching, pressing and power rack needs. It is stable and strong and can handle the loads of even a hulking beast. It also has multiple chin up bars and a monkey bar section that can hold a punching bag or other toys. The Garage Gym can also be upgrade or downgraded to fit your needs and your budget. Overall we loved the Garage Gym and would definitely recommend this bad boy to anyone who is really looking to take their home gym to the next level.


  • Custom made to fit your dimensions
  • Stable as an ox and strong under heavy weights
  • Able to upgrade or downgrade for your need and budget
  • Made in Great Britain and ships worldwide. don’t let the price being in pounds through you off, they take dollars too.
  • Features accessories like dipping bars, grappler etc


  • Takes up a decent amount of space like the Rogue unit
  • It is a premium product and is priced as such

Visit for more information on this product

3. Bowflex Revolution

Best Home Gym

This one is perfect for those who do not have the space for the garage gyms, which is probably a lot of us. The Revolution folds up to 55 x 38 inches making it tiny enough even for those in a one bedroom apartment. Not to worry though, while is might fold up small this bad boy does over 1oo different exercises and can work every muscle to sculpted perfection.

Of course you can do bench press, leg press, rows and more weightlifting exercises than I could even think to list, the Revolution also has a built in rowing machine so you can get your cardio in too.

This little powerhouse has up to 300lb weight resistance and moving from exercise to exercise is super easy and fast. The variety of exercises and the ease of use make this machine something you will be happy to own and you will not regret it.


  • Folds up small for storage (38 x 55 inches)
  • 300lb weight resistance for upper body and 600lb for lower body available
  • Has a built in rowing machine for cardio
  • Huge variety of exercises


  • Not a true free weight experience

Visit for more information


So there you have our best home gyms for weightlifters. The Rogue Garage Gym is the top choice for those who prefer free weights and have the room for it while the Bowflex Revolution is an excellent choice for those who are short on space but still want a kick butt workout machine.

Now you have to promise me that when you buy one of these bad boys you won’t let it sit around without getting used. These home gyms are way too good to sit around collecting dust and being an expensive clothes hanger Please show them the love they deserve and become a total beast in the process.