Athletic Power

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The beauty of this program is that you can continue regular lifting, be sure to be quick and explosive on the lifting phase of each exercise.  So explode on the up motion i.e the hard part of the movement. Simple and effective this program has helped increase PRs as well as lower speed testing times. As an athlete, you need to possess speed, power, endurance, agility and more regardless of your said sport. I would not leave the new breed of powerlifters out of this program shout out Dan Green and Richard Hawthorne, these guys are changing the game. This program is nothing without intensity so make sure you confront that weight!!!!!!!. I know it’s not the typical 5/3/1 program from the great Jim Wendler; however, as athletes, our only understanding of power should not be on the movement of barbells in the sagittal plane. There are multiple functional movements that can assist in an increase of total power output in any given athlete. Without wasting time lets get into this!!!!


There are 3 separate workouts, do 2 workouts a day 3 times a week. So day 1 workout 1 and 2, day 2 workout 3and1. Day 3 workout 2 and 3.


Make sure you have at least a day between each workout.


Workout 1

Top half Bench press 3 to 6 reps, 5 sets. Heavy

Decelerating push up to med ball throws 40 seconds 5 sets.

Speed press 45 percent of top half bench press, 3 sets penitentiary (to complete failure then a brief rest) then push out 5 more reps.

*Make sure you’re moving the weight as quick as possible.

Explosive push up off bench 5 sets of 5.

Workout 2 Circuit

Top half squat, Heavy 6 reps

Jumping good morning 10 reps

Plyoball release box jump squat 5 reps

Single leg box jump 5 each side.


Workout 3

Banded Deadlift warm up 25 reps

Bear press 4×6

Plyoball Thruster 4×8

Banded Deadlift, explosive 3 rounds at body weight. each round is 1 min.

Add 1 min round to workout 3 banded deadlift every time you do it no more than 4 rounds.


Remember this is supplemental to an already solid program; don’t do this thinking it’s going to make you look like Arnold….Smh. Try this for 4 to 6 weeks every other day. If you’re doing 2 workouts per day use this in the am.