Spartan Race Training

Spartan Race Workout: Ready For War

Before we get into this program be sure that you have your running game in check, with that taken care of let’s get to endurance, this  is the ability of an organism to exert itself […]

Best workout supplements for men

Best Workout Supplements For Men

Do you want to pack on more lean muscle mass, get ripped, set new PR’s? If you’re working hard in the gym and have a goal to build a stronger, more muscular body, it’s a […]

Battle rope training

Beginners Guide to Battle Ropes

The battle ropes are a workout staple, but what is the best way to get started? This post introduces you to the basics of this great workout tool and provides some tips on how to […]

Saprtan Race Training

Spartan Race Training: The Crixus Workout

Named after a former gladiator champion this workout is designed to check your lactic acid threshold. After doing it a few times we should be able to push the threshold, which relates to more efficient functioning muscles. Do this no more than twice a week with at least 2 days between of recovery. […]

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  Justin Grinnell Justin Grinnell is the Owner of State of Fitness in East Lansing, Michigan. State of Fitness opened up just four years ago and is already one of the leading training facilities in […]


The MMA Total Body Workout

When you think {The Athletic Build}, many athletes from various sports come to mind….for me as a specialized trainer there is one breed of athlete that sticks out more than any other. I will go […]

Build Muscle Fast

A Complete Guide To Build Muscle Fast

Today I am going to give you a complete guide to build muscle fast. The longer that I am in the lifting game, the more I look to be more efficient with my workouts. In […]