7 Do’s and Don’ts of Gym Training

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2017)


Don’t be too excited with just the thought of going to gym. Decide where to start and with what. Generally, chaps who attend gym every day, are not aware of certain do’s and don’ts of gyming and make grave mistakes which can cost them heavily. So, before signing that admission form, learn a few do’s and don’ts s of training which will help you build strong muscles.


7 Don’ts of Gym Training

Too Much Socializing

A lot of people do a lot of talking in the gym. It is when they look at the watch, they realize, they have spent more time talking to the neighbor and relatively lesser time on the actual exercise. So avoid talking to your gym mates, no matter how attractive they are. Concentrate with your mouth shut.

Lacking Intensity

Many of you think that by moving on the machines, you can achieve the desired. But if the intensity level is lacking, you are not going to benefit from just loitering in the gym. Experts recommend increasing the workout hours, increasing weights and distance, especially if you are a sportsperson trying to build strength. But players of combat sports must keep in mind that high intensity workouts and moist environment of the gym can lead to many skin infections like herpes, athlete’s foot, jock itch and many more. So, anti-fungal and antibacterial soaps like Gym Soap or Defense soap should be used to stay safe from skin infections.

Not Training in The ‘Fat Burning’ Zone

If you are not training in a particular ‘fat burning’ heart rate zone, your intensity isn’t very high. Many cardiovascular machines have listed “zones” on them. In this ‘fat burning’ zone, your intensity is usually 65%-70% of your heart rate. You burn more calories when you train at high intensity, not only while exercising, but even after you leave the gym.

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Improper Exercise Technique

This is very common among new trainees, they don’t know how to use a machine or perform an exercise properly and they confuse mechanical inefficiency with calorie burn. Improper exercise technique can also lead to injury and if you get an injury, you cannot workout and if you can’t workout, you won’t be burning any calories.

Doing Too Much Too Soon

Jumping into new program very soon can make you sore. It is not bad. It means your body is building muscles, but working out too hard too early can have adverse effects on your motivation. Over training can make you tired, which will have impact on the activities of the whole day.

Not Working with A Certified Professional

Consider working with a certified personal trainer or an experienced gym employee. Personal or certified trainer will create a personalized planned for your specific needs. Make sure you are working out correctly and even following a proper diet routine. A personal trainer is like an insurance policy who makes sure you get maximum results out of your efforts.

Skipping Warm-Up

You are more prone to injury if you don’t warm up as cold muscles are more prone to injury than warm muscles. Before beginning your session, you must warm up for five to 10 minutes by either brisk walking or other aerobic activities.

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Do’s of Gym Training

Lift Reasonable Amount of Weights

You cannot build muscles in a week. So, start with a workout you are comfortable with and lift appropriate amount of weights. Begin with a weight you can lift comfortably 12 to 15 times. A single set of some 12 repetitions with proper weight can build the same muscles and strength as three sets of the same exercise can. So, when you get stronger with time, increase the amount of weight.


Workout in Proper Form

You should do each exercise correctly as the better your form is, the better your results are. You are likely to hurt yourself less this way. Though, it is essential that you maintain a proper form but, if in case, you are unable to do that, reduce the amount of weight or a number of repetitions. A proper from is required even to pick up and replace your weights as well. If you are not aware, you must ask a fitness specialist for help.

Workout Everyday

To be in form, it is important that you form an exercise habit. Do everything daily, it helps with consistency. But do not overwhelm yourself, if you want the best results. Include 30 minutes of cardio in your everyday workout regime. And don’t forget to take a shower with an antifungal soap to remain safe from skin infections. Use the ones free of triclosan and alcohol such as Gym Soap or any other that meets your necessities to keep the skin healthy.


Stay Loose

Don’t tense up while working out — gripping the bars on the bike or clenching your teeth takes away a lot of your energy, therefore, keep your body lose and relaxed. Relax those muscles on which you are not working out, and focus on those you are working on. This way you save more energy to get better results.


Breathe Properly

You should not hold your breath while lifting weights. When you hold your breath while performing such hardcore exercises, your blood pressure can increase dangerously. The right way is to breath-out while lifting the weight and breath-in while keeping it down.


Learn To Balance

It is important to maintain balance between all the major muscles — abdominals, legs, chest, back, shoulders and arms. Workout on opposing muscles in a balanced way, for instance, the front of the shoulders and the back of the shoulders.


Take Rest

Don’t exercise the same muscles on consecutive days. All the major muscles must be worked out  at a single session two or three times a week, or plan daily sessions for specific muscle groups. For instance, on Mondays, you can work your arms, shoulders and chest and on Tuesdays, you must workout your legs and, so on.

So, keep these do’s and don’ts s in mind, if you are a beginner and don’t forget these, if you do it regularly.


Author Bio:

Evie Dawson is a fitness coach and health writer based in Boston, MA. Her passion is to encourage others to rediscover their lifestyle and get inspired for organic living.