5 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

A lot of people may find it difficult to lose weight, but increasingly easy to fall into the trap of unhealthy foods. Losing weight requires a persistence and dedication that will sometimes convince yourself that you need, or want quick, unhealthy foods. Losing weight isn’t always about simply dropping fat foods and we have come up with a little list of things to help you understand.

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Calorie Intake

Once you start your diet you will automatically restrict yourself and could potentially underestimate how many calories you are consuming. Scales and measuring cups can help you understand portion sizes, however you can become easily swayed with hunger, unintentionally adding calories into your meals.

The same can happen with overestimating the amount of calories you’ve consumed. If you are find yourself relying on machines, or the internet then you may believe you are burning more calories than expected. Try apps or gadgets such as a heart monitor, fitness trackers or calories trackers and find the exact amount.



Routines can be the worst thing to happen in terms of weight loss. If you have been doing the exact same workout since you started your ‘shred’ your body suddenly begins to the routine and amount of activity you’re doing. It turns out your body will not burn as many calories as it did when you first started out, so mix things up, or use a different routine, duration or even intensity. In terms of weight training, utilise different exercises machines, weights and resistance training methods.

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You Maybe Gaining Muscle

Losing weight and gaining muscle can help you maintain or even gain weight. However, in terms of gaining muscle it is all beneficial and take a step back to appreciate. Some people find it difficult to adjust to the weight loss, muscle gain, so you are able to track your body fat percentage over the course of several weeks. Your weight may remain maintained but you will see changes in your body.



Not drinking enough water can quickly dismantle your chances of losing weight. Water helps you with many aspects of your body including weight loss and dehydration. Once your body becomes dehydrated, it will damage your chances of losing weight efficiently. When you are thirsty your body begins to feel hungrier, making you feel more inclined to eat. Your workouts will become less effective and you will find yourself feeling a lot more lethargic. Your blood needs to pump around your body in order to maximize your muscles during working out, which makes it near impossible to do once become dehydrated. Not drinking enough water will slow down the metabolism, which is beneficial to your weight loss.

Utilizing things such as protein shakes, such as whey protein isolate can help speed up metabolism, improve weight loss and can help you stimulate muscle growth.

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Not Including Cheat Meals

Cheat meals can mean a target to some people and a restriction to others. Whatever you regard a cheat meal as it needs to be incorporated into your diet. Use it as a target to help you through the dieting process and give yourself a relief during the stress of dieting. Don’t over indulge, but use cheat meals as a way to get the most of your body and your diet.


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