28-Day Keto Challenge Review: Does it Actually Work?

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2020)

Today, I’ll be presenting a 28-Day Keto Challenge review and do a deep dive to see if the program is worth your money.

The keto diet is one of the most popular eating programs out there. Unlike other diets that force you to lose weight using calorie counting, keto gets your body to burn fat and provides a series of health benefits as well. Moreover, it’s based on a science revolving around low carb, high-fat foods.

Forget everything you know about losing weight by restricting your food intake- the 28 Day Keto Challenge shows you how to achieve a state of ‘ketosis’ so your body can start burning years of stored fat. What attracted me to keto most is that you don’t have to starve yourself to death in an effort to slim down. With the help of the 28-Day Keto Challenge, you can transition from your current diet to one that’s optimized for keto.

keto challenege review

Introduction to 28-Day Keto Challenge

The fundamental flaw in most fad diets and why they fail is simple- they’re not really sustainable, especially in the long run.

But what is a sustainable diet, anyway? It’s a type of eating system you can do forever. It’s the exact same reason why restrictive intake isn’t the way to effective weight loss. Can you imagine yourself eating only a few carrots a day for the rest of your life? Sooner or later, temptation overcomes you, or you’ll simply give up and get back all those pounds you lost.

Also, starting a new diet takes a lot of planning and effort. You will need to prepare meals in advance, do your grocery and more. Without someone to help or guide you, you’re more likely to just give up and start gaining weight again.

The 28-Day Keto Challenge is an online program that guides you every step of the way. More importantly, it helps you transition from your current diet and lifestyle to a keto-friendly one. For those who have no idea what keto is, don’t worry. The author has added a beginner’s section, offers plenty of tips and uses words and ideas that are easy to understand. Also, the guide contains meal plans, shopping lists and recipes, so all you really need to do is start following the diet.

The reason why it’s 28 days is because it takes about 3 weeks to form a habit. Throughout the period, 28 Day Keto Challenge will guide you on how you can transition from your old eating habits to one that encourages a state of ketosis. Everything you need, including what kinds of food to eat, how to deal with stressful situations and more will be covered in the program. When you get to the end of the course you’ll have a clear understanding of what the ketogenic diet is and how it can melt years of accumulated fat quickly and efficiently.

28-day keto challenge review

The 28-Day Keto Challenge includes the following topics:

1. The Basics of Keto Diet

2. Curbing Craving Tips and Keto Meal Plan

3. How to Succeed in Intermittent Fasting

4. Keto and Social Pressure

5. Beating Keto Flu

6. How to Stay in a Ketogenic State

7. Macro Nutrients

8. The 28 Day Meal Plan

There’s even a wealth of bonuses that go along with every 28 Day Keto Challenge purchase:

  • Supplements Guide
  • Avocado Recipes
  • Keto-Friendly Desserts
  • Chocolate Dessert and Fat Bombs

The whole guide is digital, which means you can start practicing the keto diet right away. It’s also compatible with most devices, such as your smartphone, tablet or computer. All you need is an internet connection and you’ll gain access to the 28-Day Keto Challenge system and its tips, recipes, advice and other information anytime, anywhere.

This is one of the benefits of getting a digital book. Instead of having to carry a heavy book and taking it out to read, you can just whip out your smartphone or laptop and continue where you left off. Since all of us have a device we carry around all day, this makes reading 28-Day Keto Challenge easy and convenient.

Also, it’s rare to see such a product get a money-back guarantee, let alone one that offers it for 60 days. Since you’d be able to course through the system in 28 days, you’ll have an idea of whether or not the ketogenic diet works for you. If you’re unsatisfied, simply ask for a refund and you’ll get back your money instantly.

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What is Ketosis Anyway?

The keto diet largely revolves around following an eating regimen that’s high in fats (the good ones) and low in carbs. Keto practitioners do this so they could achieve ‘ketosis’, a state that lets the body turn to fat reserves as fuel.

Our bodies naturally turn towards carbs as the main source of energy. When you cut the supply of carbs, the body starts producing ketones which feed on fat. Moreover, the body begins undergoing a change that a high-carb diet cannot, such as better cognitive function, production of stem cells and higher levels of energy.

On a side by side comparison with calorie counting, keto is the more sustainable option as the principle behind it isn’t starving oneself, but rather eating the ‘right foods’. It’s easier to follow a general diet ruleset than depriving yourself of delicious foods. With keto, you can still enjoy eating as long as there are very little carbs and in moderation, and therefore have a higher chance to succeed with the diet.


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A Quick Look at the 28 Day Keto Challenge

The 28-Day Keto Challenge program contains everything you need to achieve a state of ketosis and keep it that way. It has useful tips, specific details and instructions on what to do next, as well as a comprehensive meal plan for the transition period.

The online course provides plenty of bonuses, such as keto cookbooks and sources of motivation that will propel you to complete the challenge and develop a new, healthy habit.

In addition to the main 28-day course, here’s an overview of all the things that are included in the system.

The Basics of Keto Diet – It all starts with knowing about the ketogenic diet. Here, you’ll learn what keto exactly is and how it can benefit your health and weight. This section explains how you can sustain the eating program successfully and provides a shopping list, too.

Curbing Craving Tips and Keto Meal Plan – What’s a diet without cravings? The keto diet certainly has its share of that, but the digital book will show you how to plan around it with proven dinner, lunch and breakfast recipes and snack options to beat those hunger pangs.

How to Succeed in Intermittent Fasting – Did you know that intermittent fasting can get you to a state of ketosis much faster? 28 Day Keto Challenge outlines five intermittent fasting methods and how it encourages your body to start burning fat.

Beating Keto Flu – Keto flu is one of the symptoms of following a low carb, high-fat diet. The guide reveals healthy ways to stop keto flu and make it shorter.

How to Stay in a Ketogenic State – Achieving keto is just one half of the diet. To really maximize your weight loss plans, maintaining an optimal state of ketosis is necessary. Not to worry though- 28 Day Keto Challenge has a wealth of suggestions and recommendations so you can stay on track.

Macro Nutrients – This section gives you detailed analyses and shows you how to calculate for the right amounts of macronutrients- the carbs, protein and fat.

28-Day Keto Challenge comes with several bonuses that are excellent value for money. They are the following:

These bonuses should help you in your area of weakness and make for a well-rounded approach to the keto diet. If you’ve ever wondered how chocolate and supplements fit into the whole keto diet picture, then you’ll be glad to know that you’ll get an answer here.

Keto diet for beginners


28-Day Keto Challenge Conclusion

28-Day Keto Challenge will serve as your diet buddy that will make it easier for you to adopt to the new eating program. Follow each day as specified in the system and you’ll have achieved a state of ketosis before you know it.

As a comprehensive digital guide, 28-Day Keto won’t disappoint. You’ll get tips on how to conquer cravings, plan meals daily or weekly, get advice on how to deal with societal pressures and so on and forth. It’s well-rounded in that you’ll have all your questions answered by the last page.

If you’ve ever wanted to go on a keto diet but are too afraid to ask someone for help, 28-Day Keto Challenge should be first on your list. The first 28 days will serve as the springboard to ketosis, and from there you shouldn’t have any problems maintaining the program. Finally, you can start melting stubborn fat on your waist, arms and legs, and keep them off permanently!

Official Website: 28dayketo.com

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