25 Most Jacked Football Players in the NFL 2019

(Last Updated On: September 21, 2019)

12) Myles Garret

Myles Garrett jacked

Defensive End
College: Texas A&M
Height: 6’4″  Weight: 271
Beast Factor: He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.64 seconds. He also benched 225 lbs for 33 reps and posted a 41″ verticle jump at the combine. He also has a 6′ 11″ wingspan which makes it much easier to reach those quarterbacks.


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11) JJ Watt


Defensive End
College: Wisconsin
Height: 6′ 5″ Weight: 290 lbs
Beast Factor: JJ Watt is an absolute freak on the field as well as in the gym. He put up 34 reps of 225 lbs in the bench press at the combine and squats around 700 lbs. He also enjoys flipping 1000 lb tires.


10) Nigel Bradham

Most jacked NFL players
College: Florida State
Height: 6’2″  Weight: 240
Beast Factor: 40-yard dash: 4.63, 225lb Bench Press: 24 reps, 37-inch vertical jump. He can also squat 450 lbs.


9) Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson Jacked

Defensive End
College: Georgia Tech
Height: 6’7″  Weight: 270
Beast Factor: 40-yard dash: 4.75, 225 lb Bench Press: 28 reps, 38.5-inch vertical jump
While this picture might make you think he belongs in the top 3 we were unable to find any other pics that were this impressive so we averaged this pic with the others.


8)  Bobby Wagner

Bobby Wagner

College: Utah State
Height: 6′ Weight: 241
Beast Factor: 40-yard dash: 4.46, 225lb bench press – 24 reps


7) Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson Jacked

Running Back
College: Oklahoma
Height: 6’2″  Weight: 217
Beast Factor: 40-yard dash: 4.4, 38-inch vertical jump, Bench Press: 345, Squat: 540
He also ran for over 2,097 on the season, the second-highest mark of all time. Not too shabby.


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6) Connor Barwin

Jacked football players

Defensive End
College: Cincinnati
Height: 6’4″ Weight: 265lbs
Beast Factor: Connor has posted a video of himself benching 405lbs for 2 reps on his Instagram a couple years ago. Here is a video of him, JJ Watt and Brian Cushing working out that you might like too.


5) Saquon Barkley

Saquon Barkley muscle

Running Back
College: Penn State
Height: 6′   Weight: 234
Beast Factor: 40-yard dash: 4.4, 225 lb bench press – 29 reps, 41-inch vertical jump
Saquon is an absolute beast in the gym and on the field.


4) Chris Carson

Chris Carson muscle

Running Back
College: Oklahoma State
Height: 6′  Weight: 223
Beast Factor: 40-yard dash: 4.58,  225 lb bench press – 23 reps, 37-inch vertical jump
Not to mention his super low body fat.


3) Vernon Davis

Vernon Davis Jacked

Tight End
College: Maryland
Height: 6’3″  Weight: 254
Beast Factor: 40-yard dash: 4.38, 225 lb bench press – 33 reps, 42-inch vertical jump  <–Scary numbers
Vernon is a beast!


2) Danielle Hunter

Jacked athletes

Athletic build

Defensive End
College: LSU
Height: 6’6″  Weight: 240 lbs
Beast Factor: Hunter put up 225 lbs for 25 reps on the bench press and ran the 40-yard dash in 4.57 seconds. He also jumped 36.5 inches on the vertical jump. Also if you can’t tell he is ripped to the bone.


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1) Vic Beasley

Jacked football Players

Jacked football players vic beasley

Defensive End
College: Clemson
Height: 6’2″ Weight: 236
Beast Factor: Bench pressed 225 lbs for 35 reps at the combine and ran the 40-yard dash in 4.53.  That is some serious power for a 225 lb body weight.

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Myles Garrett pretty jacked

Juan RAFAEL Pérez-Vera
Juan RAFAEL Pérez-Vera

It’s Jon Beason.

Juan RAFAEL Pérez-Vera
Juan RAFAEL Pérez-Vera

Excuse me, there was a huge player on the list that appeared on a youtube video pulling a sled with a man, shirtless and doing an speed training. I think he was an linebacker. The video was very popular on youtube but now isn’t there anymore. Do you know who he was? It was amazing


Good list