Danielle Sidell

5 Brutal Burpee Workouts That Will Crush You

Burpees are a great exercise that works your entire body. Let’s not kid ourselves though, burpees are really not fun to do. In fact, they pretty much suck. Many people would rate them right at […]

Katie Hogan Burpee

Brutal Crossfit Workout: The Seven

This is our first workout in the our new series of CrossFit workouts. This series will feature only the most brutal and difficult workouts Crossfit has to offer. The kind that would make a billy […]

Havasu Premium Fat Burner Review
Fat Burners

Havasu Premium Fat Burner Review

Havasu’s Premium Fat Burner is a weight loss supplement that is created by Havasu Nutrition, a renowned health supplements brand. The company is based in Florida and offers a variety of different products through its […]

Super fit gummies review
Fat Burners

Super Fat Burning Gummies Skinny Mint Review

  SkinnyMint Super Fat Burning Gummies are a brand new, innovative product from SkinnyMint. This consists of a two-step program designed to help women shed extra pounds and stay trim. The makers of SkinnyMint gummies […]

Athletic feminine legs

5 Exercises for Athletic and Feminine Legs

Legs are generally just one part of the whole package. Some women athletes are blessed by perfect legs that require little to no toning, while others are given long, thin limbs. All is not lost, […]

Phenofen review
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Phenofen 37.5 Review

  Phenofen 37.5 promises to help you shred fat and lose weight fast by using a number of powerful ingredients. But with so many products out there promising the same thing, how can you be […]