10 Simple Ways to Gain Muscle Naturally

(Last Updated On: June 15, 2018)

Building muscle is an extremely complex, time-consuming process that can take months upon months to allow you to see perfect results every time. People often look for the best way to gain muscle, when in reality, there isn’t just one best way to gain muscle, there are several ways of gaining muscle, each one being just as effective and efficient as the last. If you’re looking to really take your physique to the next level, and really up the stakes, you’ll be looking for diet and nutritional tips that help you pile on the pounds, of muscle that is, whilst shedding away unsightly body fat. Here we’ll be looking at several tips, with each one being considered by the pros, to be the best way to gain muscle, so that by the time you’ve finished reading, your body will be primed to be a muscle-building machine.

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Train consistently

One of the first things that you should focus on when trying to bulk up and build muscles, is to ensure that you train as consistently as you possibly can, otherwise you may as well just forget it. Consistency is the key to gains and yet despite this, those who swear blind that they’re serious about getting in shape, will still choose a night at the bar over their training, and will just be unable to commit to their training. If you wish to bulk up, you need to make sure that you train on the days that you said you were going to train on, and that you do what you said you were going to do. If you decide to simply go to the gym when you like, and do what you like, you won’t get anywhere fast.


Up your calories

In order to gain muscles naturally, you’re going to have to build muscle, which means increasing your calories in order to fuel your body and provide it with what it needs. This means that if you’re worried about gaining a little fat, you won’t get anywhere fast. Up your calories, eat healthy and balanced foods, don’t go crazy, and make sure you track your macros and account for everything that you eat and drink, no matter how big or small it may be.


Train with a friend

One great way of helping to build muscles quickly and get in shape quicker is to train with a friend and perhaps follow the same training program/routine. By training with a friend you are accountable, your workouts will be more enjoyable, you can help and motivate each other, and there will be a competitive element injected which means you will both work that little bit harder.

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Choose the right program

Finding the right training routine/program is incredibly important for a number of different reasons and it could literally be the difference between success and failure. If, for example, you have barely lifted weights before in the past, the last thing you should be doing is following a training routine aimed specifically at experienced bodybuilders. Instead, find programs and routines based upon what you consider your experience level to be.


Don’t rely on supplements

Whilst sport and bodybuilding supplements are incredibly beneficial when used correctly, the problem that many newbies tend to make, is to rely on them too heavily and expect too much from them. Rather than stocking their fridges and cupboards full of fresh, healthy, and quality foods, they will instead purchase cheap processed junk and spend most of their money on supplements instead. Supplements, as the name implies, are designed to be supplemented with a healthy diet and proper training routine. They do not work miracles and supplements are most certainly no substitute for wholesome foods. Rather than spend your money on expensive supplements, instead, focus on filling your kitchen with fresh and healthy produce, and then, after a while, think about adding a supplement or two.

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Eat small and often

In order to gain muscles naturally, you are going to need to feed your body with a selection of the nutrients that it requires on a daily basis. Many people will starve throughout the day and eat a huge dinner in the evening, but this is far from productive. Instead, you should eat small and healthy meals every three hours or so, as that will keep your metabolism running at full capacity, and it will also provide a steady stream of proteins and amino acids to your muscles as well.


Vary your workouts

Another thing you can do if you’re trying to gain muscles naturally, is to vary your workouts and to mix things up every now and then. For example, if Monday is chest day, don’t perform the same chest exercises, the same weights, and the same reps every single workout. Instead, try different chest exercises, different weights, and different repetitions. This not only helps to shock the muscles into new growth, it also helps to make workouts more fun and more enjoyable as well.

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Drop sets

One of the best way to gain muscle naturally, and in fact, one which many consider the best way to gain muscle overall, is to finish off working sets with drop sets to absolute failure. Say you’re using the lat pull down machine for your back. On your final set, you’ll perform your normal reps, 8 – 10 for example, but then, rather than moving onto the next exercise, you will instead drop the weight, make it lighter, and perform another 8 reps. You’ll again go lighter, perform another 8 reps, until you cannot physically perform another rep, even with virtually zero weight selected.


Casein protein before bed

When we push ourselves to the limit in the gym, after we train we ache, and our muscles physically hurt. The reason they hurt is because they have literally been damaged by lifting weights. When we train, we actually damage and destroy our muscles, it is when we rest and sleep that we do most of our growing because our bodies repair these muscle fibres, and build them bigger and more powerful in an attempt to protect them. The body, however, needs proteins, amino acids, and nutrients to rebuild these muscles, otherwise, we enter a catabolic state in which the body actually eats away at our muscles due to a lack of energy and nutrients. Casein protein before bed is perfect, because this protein is a slow-digesting, slow-absorbing protein, which takes several hours to be fully broken down and absorbed. That means that over those several hours, we’re getting a steady trickle of proteins, amino acids, and nutrients into our muscles, which allows the body to repair them. Simply chug down a casein protein before you go to bed, and leave the rest to your body. Casein protein before bed is, without question, one of the best ways to gain muscle naturally, so make sure you include it in your supplement stack.


Get enough rest

We do the majority of our growing when we rest, so getting enough rest on a daily basis, especially on training days, is vital. Some people think that they need to exercise 6, even 7 days each week to build muscle when in reality, training that frequently actually hinders muscle growth. The best way to gain muscle is to ensure you get enough rest so that you aren’t overtraining. If you train too often, you put your body through too much and it doesn’t have a chance to repair itself. Make sure you have 2 or 3 days off from the gym each week and make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep each night, ideally 8.


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