Spartan Race Training: The Barca Workout


Mud Race

You’re going to need two towels of the same length, a barbell weights and a pull up bar. If you have dumbbells they  can also be used.


Begin with Rdl Shrug to Row 25 reps

Ladies 95lb

Gentlemen 135lb

Rdl Shrug video below
[youtube width=”615″ height=”500″][/youtube]


5 pull ups

5 push ups

7 jump squats

Keep alternating from 5 pull ups to 7 jump squats for 3 min


Broad jump – 25 jumps

[youtube width=”615″ height=”500″][/youtube]


Try do 4 rounds , each round  begins with the  Rdl Shrugs  to row  and end with 25 broad jumps.

By Wayne Mutata C.P.P.S
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