In Stride: How to Improve Your Running Form

Running is a great way to relieve the stress of the day while getting in shape at the same time. Whether it’s running for a few minutes while walking, or running for an extended period or for a few miles, there are a few tips for improving your running form. If you don’t have the proper form, you might find that the exercise can have negative effects on the body and especially your joints. Knowing some ways to correct your posture can go a long way in making your runs more productive and beneficial.

Run Faster


Your posture while running is key. You don’t want to slouch as this can cause pain in the back and in the legs. Hold the head up high with the shoulders back and the arch of the back slightly curved. Cast your gaze on what’s head instead of looking at the ground for the entire time while running.

What’s with The Arms?

Some people tend to be stiff while running which can make your arms and shoulders ache. Cup the hands like you are holding an egg. You also want to gently swing the arms while you’re running, similar to what you would do while walking, but try to bend the arms at the elbows a bit more. When you pump the arms faster, it can tend to make your legs turn over faster as well with the rate that you run. Keep things natural and remember to relax your arms every mile or so.

girl running


Deep Breathing

While some people think it’s best to breathe normally while running, it’s often best to breathe a little more deeply instead. The body will need more oxygen, so it’s important to get as much into the body as possible while exhaling the air as well. Breathing through the abdomen is often a good idea while running as it will give you a few more deep breaths along the way.

Foot Placement

Whether you run on the balls of the feet or the tips of the toes, you need to have the proper foot placement. It’s sometimes best to put the balls of the feet on the ground before the toes come down as this will strengthen the legs as well. This will also prevent injuries that can occur with the feet and ankles. A good orthopedic shoe that provides foot support for low arches or crooked toes is ideal for running as it will give more of a cushion.


Running on Hills

One of the things to keep in mind about running on a hill is that you will burn more calories while putting more pressure on the body. Picking your knees up will help to decrease some of the strain felt on the legs and feet. You should also consider pumping the arms a bit faster while running uphill to get a better flow of movement with the body.

Running has several advantages. It burns calories very quickly compared to walking, and it’s a way to take the mind off the daily stresses of life. If you plan to run, you need to take a few steps to ensure that your travels are as safe as possible with the proper foot placement, posture, and other motions of the body. Be sure if you run outdoors you also protect from melanoma by putting on sunscreen as well! Stay safe and sharp and protect your body as you get in a good workout.