7 Outrageous and Strange Moments on Why Metta World Peace Is One Unique Athlete

Metta World Peace is a person who needs no introduction. He is one of America’s greatest basketball players of all time. Ronald William Artest, Jr. but commonly known as Metta World Peace, was born on the 13th of November 1979 and is a professional NBA player for the LA Lakers. He had previously won the award of NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year in 2004 and was also named an NBA All-Star and even earned the All-NBA honor.

He has a very humble personality and a great passion for his sport. Despite all that, his career has some outrageous and strange moments, some of them are explained below.

1 Ron Admitted to Drinking Hennessy

Metta World Peace

World Peace once admitted for getting sauced when he was a member of the Bulls. He said that “I often used to drink Hennessy during halftime. I had it in my locker and whenever it was about to end, I just strolled down to the liquor store, bought some and locked them again.”

2 Suspended for Asking for Leave

Ron Artest Arrest

Metta isn’t just an athlete. He had a very passionate entrepreneur within him. To pursue the R&B music career, he once asked for a few months off between 2004 and 2005. Instead, they suspended him for two games just because he asked for leave. This was a huge shock to the sportsman.

3 Accused of Abusing Dogs

Metta World Peace dogs

World Peace was unlucky to have some sick neighbors living with him in Sacramento. At that time, he was also a member of the Kings. Once he was accused of abusing his own dogs by not feeding them and not letting them loose. However, World Peace was also known for his love for the animals and it was hard to believe that he was capable of such an act. Nowadays, he is in close affiliation with PETA.

4 The Story of a Friend Who Was Killed

metta world peace

Metta once told the story of his close friend who died while playing basketball. “It was so competitive, they broke a leg from a table and they threw it, it went right through his heart and he died right on the court. So, I’m accustomed to playing basketball really rough.”

Back in 2009, during the Western Conference Semifinal, he and Kobe Bryant got a bit heated. World Peace was elbowed in the throat by Kobe after which he pointed at Kobe and made a gesture at his throat.

5 Applied for a Job at Circuit City

Ron Artest Circuit City

You’ll be surprised to know that Metta once applied for a job at Circuit City and the purpose was to benefit from employee discount. During the application, he gave reference of Jerry Krause, who is the president of the Bulls. It seems like not all the NBA players enjoy the perks.

6 Paying Tribute to Michael Jackson

Ron ARtest

Metta signed a contract with the Lakers in July 2009, for five years and $32 million. It was also his long-awaited wish that was finally fulfilled and to pay tribute to the legend Michael Jackson on his no. 1 album, Thriller, on the Billboard charts for over 37 weeks by wearing the no. 37 on his jersey.

7 Auctioned His Championship Ring for Charity

Metta World Peace Ring

Metta World Peace is a very selfless person and humble as well. He sold off his championship ring and donated it to charity after winning his first ever NBA final in 2010 — he always believed in paying back to the people in need.

The championship ring was auctioned at $500,000 and all of it went to a charity for youth suffering from mental illness. This showed the nobleness of this great American Athlete and thus the name Metta World Peace. It was said that this charity was one of the most generous and noble moves by any player in the history of the game.

We’ve learned a lot from this 37-year old veteran and how he made a huge impact on the lives of millions through his passion and dedication for basketball. Undoubtedly, World Peace is the real hero and a great American athlete.


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